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HR-10431 Sveta Nedelja

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Business Policy

Prior to commencement of any work, it is necessary that the client appoints a producer or a responsible person with whom we negotiate a plan of any phase of cooperation.

Top prearrangement for any fragment of work is in the best interest of both our client and employee!

Embrio Facilities

The modularity of the Embrio Production studio area and system fits almost any client's requirement. The existing integration of audio and video channels enables the communication between control rooms A and B and any of the existing 4 recording rooms. For example: different sections of performers can be recorded simultaneously in separate recording rooms, the result is clear separation of signals.


Embrio Production studios facilities are located at 10 min.drive direction west from downtown Zagreb in the picturesque town of Sv. Nedelja, away from the city's traffic jams, crowded parking lots buildings and stress, in the comfortable surroundings at the edge of the forest and nature of mountain Zumberak. Such an environment is very suitable for the studious concentration and creative freedom needed to create music.


Technical capacities.