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Pade┼ż 21

HR-10431 Sveta Nedelja

tel/fax: +385 1 3336 424

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Embrio Master 31/12/2010 10:26 am


Embrio Production studios facilities are located at 10 min.drive direction west from downtown Zagreb in the picturesque town of Sv. Nedelja, away from the city's traffic jams, crowded parking lots buildings and stress, in the comfortable surroundings at the edge of the forest and nature of mountain Zumberak. Such an environment is very suitable for the studious concentration and creative freedom needed to create music.


  • Professional collection of analog and digital audio technology in one place
  • Professional in house staff: music producers, musicians, arrangers and engineers
  • Exterior - natural environment only 10 minutes away from the city
  • Interior - unique design space
  • Secured parking spaces with video surveillance
  • Superb room's acoustic treatment
  • 4 recording rooms with different acoustic character
  • Digital and Analog Control Rooms
  • Fast Services
  • Extensive list of studio musicians and vocalists
  • Extensive list of professional speakers