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About Us

Embrio Production is an independent production company from Croatia, specialized in the field of sound production and post-production for film, music and interactive programs. Although its short history was mainly focused on the development of the production system at a high level (Embrio Production Studio), members of Embrio Production Collaborators Team are long-time soundmen, engineers and sound designers with an extensive experience in film production. The main area of interest is focused on the synthesis of new and classic technologies, and its creative application on film projects.

Embrio Production Studio is a premium audio studio specialized in audio production and post production.

At our facility You can produce or commission original music, audio logo, sound design, foley art and voice over for movies, commercials or events, and request to process, mix and master your already recorded audio files.

Our facility is able to provide a real-time ADR, voice over and mixing sessions. We also use our teamroom web service so it is easy to plan, execute tasks, share files, ect., according to the needs of the project development .


• Original music and additional music (radio, TV, film, corp. video)

• Dialog editing

• Sound design

• Foley art


• Voice over

• Songwriting

• Arranging

• Audio logo

• Lyrics

• Audio material processing and editing

• Audio mix (stereo + surround 5.1)

• Audio mastering

• Tehnical support and acoustics on set

If you want your products to sound fully professional, take advantage of our studio equipment and accessibility of our employees and partners. A team of top engineers, audio producers, musicians, arrangers, composers and an extensive list of "voice over" talents are at your disposal.

Embrio Production has prepared a selection of collaborators from different disciplines; 2D and 3D animators, photographers, actors, illustrators, costume designers, video editors, directors, writers, stage designers, video cameramen, makeup artists and colleagues from other professions related to designing, production and post production of multimedia, video and graphic materials.

Through our microphones singers will not sound off-key, announcers will not stutter, and the actors will not forget their lines...