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Technical News

tehnicke novosti

Articles with release notes in supply and testing of technical equipment Embrio Production studios.

Dynaudio Acoustics ABES 2

ABES 2 back

Abes 2 subwoofer is an active speaker cabinet for reproducing low frequencies, used in analog control room combined with M2 Dynaudio Acoustics monitors (2.1 - main monitoring)

Z systems Digital Detangler

As the digital counterpart to analog patchbay of SSL 4040 G console, we obtain Z Systems Digital Detangler z-32.32rs accompanying remote controller.

AD/DA Conversion

Equipment for AD / DA conversion is upgraded with three new components!

Converters ADC Genex (Desono) GXA8 

and DAC Genex (Desono) GXD8.

Converters are connected to the DAW via Weiss AFI1 aes/ebu interfaces.

Sony DMX-R100 V2 Conzole Upgrade

Sony DMX-R100 V2 console is upgraded with additional interface cards: Dmbk R-109 MADI board, Dmbk R-102 Analog and Dmbk R-103 AES / EBU

Digidesign Digi002 Desk/Interface

By friendly exchange of equipment with our colleagues from Spain, we obtained Digidesign Digi 002 desk interface in order to equip a portable editing workplace, which further accelerates the preparation of material to work on other consoles in the studio.

Steinberg Cubase 6 and Wavelab 7

In addition to Steinberg Nuendo 5 in Embrio Production studio, we acquired:
Steinberg Cubase 6 and Steinberg Wavelab 6.

Earthworks QTC 40

Our Offer of microphones at your disposal for recording in the embryo study is extended with Earthworks qtc40 - "High Definition" omnidirectional condenser microphone.


Testing high-end modular microphone HETERON H1 disigned by Croatian designer L. Renko. Details on the mic can be found here, we used it to record a new single by Songkillers - "Sve si uzela". The microphone is a fine piece of tool. Thumbs up Luka!