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We offer recording, mixing, mastering and other services Online

A few good reasons to use Embrio online services: 

  • The sound quality of Embrio Production Studio
  • Allocation of user account with all the advantages provided with options
  • All supplied sensitive information is transmitted via Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology
  • Free analysis of your materials
  • Ease of service
  • Ease of payment

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Online Services

Online Services

Online Services in Embrio Production studio answer many questions to clients who are looking for speed and reasonable cost of audio production and postproduction. Sound treatment via great distances through the "Online Service" has become, with increasing speed of internet, telecommunication services and development of security protocols the industry standard in bussiness comunication and cooperation. 

Request a consultation and start your music work at the studio TODAY! 

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Online Recording

Online Recording

Regardless of whether you want to add new professionally played sequences to your songs, top recorded and sang backing vocals, record professional radio and television announcers voiceover or actors in your multimedia materials Embrio Production Studio is here to help you convey your message crystal clear and professional manner.

Preparations for Recording

Online Mixing

Online Mixing

Embryo Production Studio provides high quality mixing service. Collaboration with our engineers will ensure that your projects are taken seriously. Mixing music using our Online service is fast and easy.

You send us your music. We mix it - You simply download it!

Preparations for Mixing

Online Mastering

Online Mastering

If you are satisfied with your mix than mastering engineer can refine frequency, dynamics, depth and width of the stereo image to make the recording louder and ready for radio and television broadcasting and the club's hi-fi systems.  

Preparations for Mastering

Other Services

Other Services
Other services:

We are also able to offer the client a certified copy, phase correction, the compression/expansion in time bands, adjustment of the tape speed, etc., at your request.

Some of the services that clients can specifically request are listed below.


List of technical equipment in Embrio Production studios.


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