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Embrio Master 25/11/2011 1:45 pm

Online Mastering

If you are satisfied with your mix than mastering engineer can refine frequency, dynamics, depth and width of the stereo image to make the recording louder and ready for radio and television broadcasting and the club's hi-fi systems.  

Preparations for Mastering

By using this service a final master version of your material can be delivered in one of the most widely used formats and media, or over the internet:

  1. CD quality (standard 16bit file you can listen on the widespread devices for listening the music) on high quality media.
  2. DDP file.
  3. wave file in high resolution (eg 96kHz, 24bit).
  4. mp3 320kbps.

Online Mastering service refers to a series of operations that are performed if the engineer finds it necessary or at the client's request.

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