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Embrio Master 25/11/2011 1:39 pm

Online Mixing

Embryo Production Studio provides high quality mixing service. Collaboration with our engineers will ensure that your projects are taken seriously. Mixing music using our Online service is fast and easy.

You send us your music. We mix it - You simply download it!

Preparations for Mixing

Your music is available for download within 5-10 business days from receipt of the request.

The material finalization for an album or EP takes up to 15 days (depends on complexity of material).

By filling out the form using Online mixing service make sure that a clear direction of the "sound" you desire in your material is provided to our audio engineer.

Along with materials for mixing, you should send us a rough mix of your songs and several referent examples to gain a better sense of your idea for mixing (completed and produced material which corresponds approximately to the desired sound of your songs).

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