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Embrio Master 08/10/2010 3:32 pm

Online Services

Online Services in Embrio Production studio answer many questions to clients who are looking for speed and reasonable cost of audio production and postproduction. Sound treatment via great distances through the "Online Service" has become, with increasing speed of internet, telecommunication services and development of security protocols the industry standard in bussiness comunication and cooperation. 

Request a consultation and start your music work at the studio TODAY! 

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Over a half of our customers choose to attend at least the last moments of their mixing or mastering sessions. However, for many it is complicated because of the distance. If you fit that profile, it is possible to deliver the materials in the form of external hard drives, SDHC cards, another form or upload your files to our server.

Privacy Policy

Any information or audio projects our customers submit to our site will not be shared with any other company or individuals.
We take your privacy very seriously, and for this reason we respect your information and your audio work.
We do not keep any working audio materials in the studio after delivering them.