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Other Services

Other services:

We are also able to offer the client a certified copy, phase correction, the compression/expansion in time bands, adjustment of the tape speed, etc., at your request.

Some of the services that clients can specifically request are listed below.


Using this technique affects the dynamics of your audio material, we can make it louder, even if the level of peaks are set to 0 dB. With micro–dynamic  processing and transient modeling, it is possible to open a whole new dimension in your tunes, using a special saturation formula enables us to achieve desirable sonic character in your recording.


Exercising custom techniques on multi-band analog and digital devices, we can purify and balance the materials frequency .


This technique removes the buzz, clicks or other anomalies that have emerged during the recording or the lapse of time, on the medium on which you keep the materials.
Changing tracks / tape slashes / beginnings, endings and transitions strips / Compilations strips (with different media) Trimming, etc.:
We can offer you a variety of procedures in your audio material, all is done on a specialized software/hardware for such tasks.

DC offset correction:

DC offset anomalies are corrected using filters and software tools. Such anomalies have occurred during the recording, improper transfer of data between digital audio devices, etc., that significantly reduce the quality for the full range of dynamic resources.

Adding effects:

We can add effects (eg reverb, delay, chorus) your audio materials, techniques, affect the amount of reflection to capture the original sound source.

Level Adjustment:

The levels of your audio tracks can be set at optimal levels or only some of their work, and if you need to automate the adjustment of their volume.

PQ-coding/entry ISRC codes:  

We can do it, correct or verify the PQ / ISRC codes in your master audio disc.

Enter "CD Text" data:

Information such as name the name of the artist, album, tape, etc. You can write to your audio CDs, for display on CD player's that have the ability to preview a CD-TEXT.

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