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Based on the education, expertise, experience, an extensive list of professional associates, top quality A/V system integrated in the studio Embrio Production and in moving resources we are able to offer you the following services:

Music Production

Music Production
You are ready to work in the studio on your materials?

Embrio Production offer musicians high-quality master files at affordable prices. Our experienced professionals use the latest technology, working with our clients to produce a broadcast-ready final product.

Audio Branding


One of the biggest problems of the information society is information overload. With the digitization of all content types and a drop in prices of recording technology the amount of information available has become a large and growing exponentially. Therefore, it became important to companies, governments and individuals to get their information and products audible different from the "noise" and not only visual, so they would be to the fullest extent identified.

Film / Video Sound

Nothing gives an impression of amateur work in film production like bad sound. You could have a great light, scene, act.., but if you have bad sound, it just seems amateur.

Film & Video Sound service is entrusted to a team of well established professionals in this domain.

Sound Design

Embrio Production comprehends the best of technology and creative way of storytelling through sound!

Our studio is a production boutique for commercials, films, video, animated graphics, etc. We make sure that the sound of your projects delivers the experience of the highest quality to its audience. Regardless of the size of your budget, we are proud to participate in the production of audio-visual projects to fulfill their vision.   

Voice Over

In technical sense there are two factors that need special attention, the acoustic nature of the space in which the "Voice Over" was recorded and the choice of microphone. We always do our best to get a vocal sound that will go through anything that happens in the background, without any need of further sound processing.


Apart from going through almost everything sound wave also reflects off the walls, floor and ceiling of the room. The direct sound wave then collides with a reflected sound wave thus creating standing waves, nodes and high pressure zones of sound in room. All this makes precise playing in a professional environment and enjoying your music privately impossible.  

Audio Restoration and Digitization

Is your speech or music unique? You do not have the possibility to repeat the great recorded performance? Are you concerned about anomalies
such as the annoying noise, sound, cameras, air conditioners, pounding a microphone or background speech?


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