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Audio mixing

If you require the highest sound quality with spatial depth, dynamics, clarity and strong momentum (real punch), our advice is not to mix in in the box. There is still no substitute for serious consoles, studio-quality outboards and a decent monitoring. If you want to give your music an advantage over its competitors, a good mix is of a vital importance.

Preparation for Mixing

Our goal is to offer something a little different than the average studio that is based on (DAW) computer where, in the end, every band sounds the same!
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Audio mixing
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Audio mixing is a process in which in the reference conditions of listening with aid of producers and mix engineers trained hearing multitude of recorded sounds are being "bind together" to one or more channels, it is still mostly 2 channels (stereo). Process is manipulation of volume, dynamics, frequencies, and panoramic position of original sounds and added to them are a variety of effects. Original sounds are treated in an aesthetic and creative manner in order to make them sound better to listeners.

Solid State Logic 4000-series is one of the most famous analog mixing console, which is in the history of the music industry used on more platinum albums than any other consoles together.

One of the secrets of good mixing occurs in a studio analog formation of "limbs":

  • The console 44 channel SSL G series '4000 '- analogue console that was set up by order for Rudolfium, neo-Renaissance concert hall of the Czech Philharmonic Orchestra in Prague.
    36 mono channels with EQ and dynamics on every channel, and an additional 4 stereo channels with stero EQ, dynamics, "stereo expander" and MS decoding

Embrio resources pretty well cover all three bases! 

Feel the vibration of analog!

Many customers come only to mixing, or mixing of the rhythm section, brass section, strings, vocals, piano, etc. on programmed music - this is a sure way to make your sound better than the average. We can take your materials from various editors - Prootools, Logic, Cubase, Ableton etc. and start mixing.

Read our instructions on how to prepare for work on your material.
Usually we mix the final in the stems, that later we would be able to easily make changes to your final mixes.