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At the heart of our analog control room is SSL4040G, which means that you can really get the best out of your sound. The facility that houses a studio was built the most part as a flexible system and offers numerous solutions for recording. Our first-class chain of recording equipment ensures that your sound is recorded with no less than untouched purity.

Preparations for Recording

Come and record Your music in a unique environment of Embro Production Studos!

Music Production Arranging
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In facilities of Embrio Production studios we are able to accommodate the musicians and their engineers together in a perfectly quiet room, control room and space for relaxation. We believe that this leads to a much more relaxed, more productive and efficient environment. And when the time comes that you need to record intimate moments, just step into one of our room for recording. Our studios are soundproofed, acoustically treated rooms, from which musicians can visually communicate with their fellow musicians and engineers via a video link.

Recording and playback is creating an electrical or mechanical record and re-playing it, such as the speaker's voice, singing, instrumental music and sound effects. It is extremely important that materials are recorded in highest needed resolution and in best possible conditions because material quality depends on its usefulness in the later stages.

In the process of recording is especially important true ability and talent for getting the great performance of the bands, without changing their personality, and at this to succeed in greatly enhance their personality, capturing their energy in the recording!