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Embrio Master 14/11/2011 12:28 pm

Sound Design

Embrio Production comprehends the best of technology and creative way of storytelling through sound!

Our studio is a production boutique for commercials, films, video, animated graphics, etc. We make sure that the sound of your projects delivers the experience of the highest quality to its audience. Regardless of the size of your budget, we are proud to participate in the production of audio-visual projects to fulfill their vision.   

Sound design is obtained through a process of sound selection, recording, processing or generating sound elements. It is used in a variety of disciplines, including: film and television production, theater, sound recording and reproduction, performance, sound art installations, post-production, video games, software development and various internet applications.   

Sound design often includes the manipulation of previously composed or recorded sounds, such as music and sound effects.
In some cases it may also include the composition and manipulation of sound to create the desired effect or mood.