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Embrio Master 06/12/2011 12:12 am

Voice Over

In technical sense there are two factors that need special attention, the acoustic nature of the space in which the "Voice Over" was recorded and the choice of microphone. We always do our best to get a vocal sound that will go through anything that happens in the background, without any need of further sound processing.

Recording the speaker or "Voice Over" is a creative and technical task which should not be taken lightly. Speech sounds are complicated frequency and dynamically because of the way the voices are produced - through the chest, lung, diaphragm, larynx (throat), oral cavity, including tongue, hard and soft palate, teeth and lips, nasal cavity and through the dynamic interaction of all these elements through time. Bursting explosions of air from the mouth, on the lips and tongue can sound "wet" and "SSS" sounds (sibilants) can over-modulate the track .
"Voice-over" artists understand these factors and consistently know best how to use them for creating the character of the voice. As professionals, they can predict when to move away on louder passages, to suppress strong bursting of consonants like "P", "B" and "T", and consistently keep the distance and angle faced to the active end of the microphone. However, the engineer in the control room must have a sharp and discerning hearing, a good technical understanding of how to record a voice clear and well-developed sense of how to communicate with both sides, "Voice over" the artist and client.

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