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Audio Restoration and Digitization

Is your speech or music unique? You do not have the possibility to repeat the great recorded performance? Are you concerned about anomalies
such as the annoying noise, sound, cameras, air conditioners, pounding a microphone or background speech?

Audio restoration in recent history is used for musical sound recordings, music for film, TV programs, archiving and forensics. The differences are specific to each case.
The task of audio restoration is to restore the recorded material in its original state and eliminating the problems that occurred during the recording. Restored footage can be mixed and mastered and adapted to modern audio reproduction systems in the best shape possible for the listening experience. Audio restoration techniques are performed by digitizing the original audio material from a variety of audio media. Recordings can be restored in the required state and cleaned using specialized hardware and software that use special algorithms and spectrographic techniques. In many situations, the manually removing of interference from the audio track is the only way. Restoration of audio is the process of removing audio disruption from recorded material such as broadband noise, popping, clicking, low-frequency buzzing, ringing harmonics in the medium frequency range and other buzzing,  hiss noises in the high frequency range, the digital pulse noise , distortion, phase optimization, etc., and  it does not imply reconstruction of the content. Audio reconstruction is a different type of service, which requires documentation for re-recording of damaged material.

Audio restoration is a subjective process, and is often a time consuming process that requires the skill of audio engineers with specific experience in the techniques and powerful set of tools for restoration.

Studer A721 cassete deck

Studer A721 cassete deck

All the units we use for work,restoration and repair of audio, offering high quality sound, even in the most critical situations, allowing us to remove obstacles that interfere with our hearing. For example; distortions in speech and singing, instrumental unwanted sounds, cough, and other irritating noises.

Because of the diversity of variables in different types of projects, we believe that it is necessary to discuss with each client to make sure that we will provide you with the conditions and service to suit your specific needs.